The Huntington Homeowners' Association

St. Petersburg, Florida

Rules for Resident Parking Stickers

Downtown residents qualify for city-issued parking passes that allow unlimited, free parking in most spots that are otherwise limited to 90 minutes. This includes both metered and un-metered spaces.

The passes are available at the city’s parking ticket office at the corner of 3rd Street and Central Avenue, during regular business hours. A pass is $15 per year and includes a window sticker for the registered car and two guest passes.

Downtown for the purposes of parking has been divided into five zones. The zone that includes the Huntington Townhomes is 1A, which extends from 1st Avenue N to 5th Avenue N, between Tampa Bay and the west side of Mirror Lake (roughly 7th Street N). To get a pass, the car owner must show a license and registration with an address within the zone.

Unlimited parking is allowed at meters that have a Zone 1A sticker pasted on the side. Not all meters have the sticker. For example, the meters on the east side of Beach Drive have the sticker while those on the west side do not.

The eligible non-metered spaces have 90-minute signs that specifically exempt Zone 1A stickers.