The Huntington Homeowners' Association

St. Petersburg, Florida


February 5, 2024

The board of directors held a regular quarterly meeting by the pool on Monday, February 5th, at 7:30pm.

Board Members Present: Jackie Collom (10), JA Booker (23), Tim Baker (16), Gabrielle Schlichting (20), Pam Haigh (27), Mark Welton (12).

Other Members Present: Lisa Palmer (9), Quay Peters (19), Rob Nee (26), Kelly O’Connor (26), Joseph Maka (18), Anne Marantz (8), Hillary Cone (24).

The meeting was called to order at 7:31 pm by President JA Booker (23). Approved minutes from 2023 Annual Meeting.

President’s Report:

We had a busy year:

-  Wall painting

-  New landscaper

-  Painted doors and garage doors

-  Bi-annual tree trimming in January

-  The Gutterman of Tampa Bay cleared gutters and will repair at date to be determined.

-  Trim repairs to be scheduled contingent upon receiving quote this week.

-  1, 27, 14 had windows replaced or are scheduled to do so.

-  Single units had artificial turf approved, patio fence renovated, and exterior railing installed

-  Thanks to: Tim – people get paid and everything gets done because of him; Philip Foley for his legal take and being president of “the gate;” Jackie Collom for communication and contact lists; Kent Tse for spearheading the cable television survey; Lisa Palmer for being point person on gutter clearing and rot repairs; Anne Marantz for being point person on tree trimming and gutters; Lola Walker for coordinating DeLintz dryer vent cleaning, and more. This list demonstrates that it takes a contribution from a lot of people to get things done.

Treasurer’s Report:

Tim creates a monthly financial report and posts it on our website for all owners to review. Usually posted by the 2nd or 3rd of the month. (

Last year’s budget had some expenses that were unexpected. And this year’s budget will, too. Ex: Gutters will cost more than we expected because we are also clearing the underground gutter drain pipes.

There is a water usage issue that needs to be troubleshooted. Water usage in November was 54,000 gallons, December was 87,000 gallons, and January was 146,000 gallons - triple November’s numbers. Tim is reading the meter every day to begin pinpointing when the issue occurs. Irrigation is turned off and operated manually, so that is not the issue. Pool is not automatically topped off but done so manually and that is not the issue. Board will discuss further during the board meeting, after the annual meeting.

At a later date, the board will need to decide if we will renew our maintenance contract with the gate company.

Election of Board Members:

By members present and by proxy there is a quorum to elect board members. Vote taken. Board members for 2024 are: Pam Haigh, Gabrielle Schlichting, Tim Baker, JA Booker, Mark Welton, and Philip Foley.

Old Business:

Painting: There will be additional painting done after trim work is complete.

Tree trimming: Trees have been trimmed.

Gutter cleaning: Gutters have been cleaned, they still need to be repaired and drain pipes under ground will be cleared.

Lawn & Landscape: Contractor comes every two weeks this time of year.

Hillary Cone has purchased two podocarpus which she will plant in the pool area to begin to fill in the gaps along the 3rd Street fence.

Mark Welton has been in contact with The Floridian, our long time contractor for chemical weed control. His goal is to get something in writing that states what they do for us as he has noticed some areas where weeds are growing continuously. Tim Baker will relay to Mark the invoices we receive from the company which detail the specific services provided at the time of invoicing.

New Business:

Wood trim repair: JA walked through with repair guys on Friday and expects a quote this week. It will be scheduled after that with Lisa Palmer volunteering to be the contact person.

Patio locks: Patio locks for each unit must be keyed for access by contractors. At this time, there are at least two units not keyed to the master key.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:02 pm.

Jackie Collom, secretary

Minutes of Annual Meeting of 2024